Blaye & Côtes de Bourg

The Côtes de Bourg is one of the most picturesque and charming Bordeaux wine regions, where visitors find gently sloping hills bordering the Dordogne river.

The Merlot grape dominates in most of its vineyards. Both appellations produce good bistro style red and white wines with good value. While the special terroir in Côtes de Bourg gives wines notably firm and strong in flavour, generally Blaye is rather fruity and quite mellow.

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Côtes de Bourg

Château les Tours Séguychateau les tours seguy cotes de bourg 2012


Lovely Merlot 90% Cabernet Sauvignon 10% fruity blend. On the palate this is medium bodied with a fruity character. This wine represents its appellation well and compares positively to other inexpensive Bordeaux wines. Good flavours of blackberries and ripe cranberries in a pleasant chewy texture. Excellent quality price ratio.

Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux

Château Magdeleine Bouhou 2010chateau magdeleine bouhou


Ripe blackcurrent, dark chocolate and leather on the nose.  Tannin gallore and fruity  character. Overall silky and smooth mid palate. Please note that Bordeaux red wines fruit and texture often change with season and daily atmospheric pressure, especially with this vintage, quite rich in tannin. The quality price ratio is excellent.

chateau-haut-bertinerie-rougelChâteau Haut-Bertinerie 2015/16

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Old vines Merlot 60% and Cabernet 40% in the assemblage. This fruity wine is velvet smooth, with good tannins and reminiscent of ripe dark and red berries. Maturation has added to produce a smooth, mellow Blaye with oak ageing. Approachable now. Will keep well.



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