Wedding Wines

Buying the right Wine for your Wedding

Many people now opt to buy their own wedding wine, rather than going with what the hotel offers, simply because buying wedding wines yourself means you can trade up to a higher quality product for a better price.

We provide a great selection of fine Bordeaux wines and also other very good value regional French wines.

How Much Wine do you need ?

French Wedding Wine - how much wine for a wedding?It is a good idea to allow approximately half a bottle of wine per person, and to split the red and white wine roughly 50 / 50 (although for a summer wedding people tend to drink more white than red).

If you are having Champagne or sparkling wine for the wedding toast, allow  approximately 1 bottle for every 7 people.

Pre Wedding Wine Tasting

French Wedding Wine - matching wine with foodThere is such a variety of fine wines that it can be difficult to know what to choose. We can arrange wine tastings sessions well in advance for Sparkling or  Champagne, white and red wines, all tailored to suit your price range. (see our ” ten favourite wedding wines” page).


Once you have chosen the wine for your wedding we can reserve the order, for a year if necessary. This means that the same vintage will be delivered. We can also source specific wines and vintages if required.

Surplus Wedding Wine

We recommend ordering some extra wine to make sure you don’t run short on your wedding day. If you have more than you need, there is no problem returning the surplus to us, provided it comes back in saleable condition (no opened bottles, no foil removed, labels undamaged, etc.)

Alternatively you might like to keep the surplus, allowing you to enjoy your wedding wine long after your special day!

Other services

We can liaise with the hotel or restaurant staff in relation to decanting (when relevant) and the service of wine if you wish. This will ensure that all wines are served at the optimum temperature and conditions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your wedding wine requirements!